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Fearing for my sanity

Sometimes it's just one of those days........................

Fearing for my Sanity

Fearing for my sanity,
I shed my shirt and tie,
Walked out on my rectitude
And waved myself goodbye.

I did precisely as I pleased,
Said only what was true;
Cared not a whit whom I might hurt
Or what debts might be due;

Chose my orbit on my own
And lived by my own light,
Hurtling through the gravities
That rule the lidless night;

Unknowing in my innocence
The iron laws that be,
And that the more I worked my will,
The less I would be free.

Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Nothing more to say.....................


Ear aches sucks, the fact that am less of hearing than i normally am makes it double sucks... so in goes the anti-inflammatory and the cotton bud, next comes the wierd feeling of fluid rolling around in your ear *sigh*, i guess its better than the ringing i've been having *grumble, grumble*... off to watch another episode of little britain.... "ohh prime minister...."


U know u are going to have a really unpleasant day when the handover for ur pt includes that the pt has lost nearly 2litres of blood over night just through bowel motions. U then realise its going to be a very long, long day when they very kindly become hypoxic, drop their blood pressure and their heart rate starts reaching for the skies. U then ask urself what in the name of all that is holy possessed u to become a nurse..... since my feet are still killing me from standing non-stop for nearly seven hours, i can't still think up of an answer....but all in all an end to another day and tomorrow will be a new one, then two days off thank god!!!!


Migraine = BAD
Largactil + Endone + Nurofen = Happy Caladwen (dizzy, cluster headaches, wonky.... but still very happy)


Hmmmm...... like the new loook....... i should update more though!!!!!

crappy day

So today i had an extremely shitty day, that left me regretting not getting on the phone and calling for my CDN to come and give me a hand. Three full cares and i independent plus a vac dressing in between!! Not fun at all. The doctors kept misplacing medication charts for my patients, the silly interns kept doing this disappearing act and i had to constantly keep tracking them down to come sort out stuff for me. Pathology were short staffed, so all blds were done later than usual which just delayed everything else. So leaving work at 4pm was no joy for me, though i did manage to hand in my old uniforms and on the way bumped into E so we walked home together. All together a pretty stressful day, got a killer headache and went to bed the minute i got home. Ahhh!!! the life of a nurse.... so not fun at all.



So finally graduated from uni!!!! WOHOOOO!!! and currently started on my grad program. Its scary, half of the time i have no idea what am doing and its frustrating because i keep having to run after people to show me stuff.

But i guess its how we all learn and hopefully as the days go by, i will slowly be able to build up more confidence in myself.


K. is off to the land of hula hoops, white sand beaches, volcanoes and most importantly warm sunny weather!!!!!!!!!!!! *sob*!!!!!!!!


Blame work for this:

Do turtles fart?

Yes, turtles do fart, and their farts smell incredibly bad, as do the farts of snakes. In fact, it is my opinion, based on personal experience with reptiles and not on any formal research, that many reptiles use farts as a weapon.
Reptile farts smell so bad that sometimes you can tell that one is nearby in the woods, even on a windy day, before you can see the animal. One day I was hiking through the woods in Arkansas with a friend and I told my friend, "I smell a snake fart." A second later, the snake crawled across the path. Astounding but true!